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University of Waterloo
Human Resources Management
HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

Chapter 7 SelectionSelectionprocess of choosing between individualsowith relevant qualificationsofor existing or projected job openingsimportant becauseoquality of human resources determines organizational performanceohigh cost of inappropriate selection decisionsosignificant legal implications twoway process of you selecting the company and the company selecting you your performance is dependant on how you select your fist employeehow you are selecting them the process that you go through etcthe successful candidates must fit with the strategic direction of the organization when poor selection is made the hidden costs are frequently even higher including internal disorganization and disruption and customer alienation organizations required by law to implement an employment equity plan must ensure that all their employment systems including selection are biasfree and do not have an adverse impact on members of the four designated groups women aboriginals minorities and person with disabilitiesanother legal implication is employer liability to negligent or wrongful hiring the emerging labour supply shortage in Canada will result in increasingly small selection ratios othat is a the ratio of the number of applicants hired to the total number of applicants available The Selection Processits a multiplehurdle strategy which is an approach involves a series of successive steps or hurdles only candidates clearing the hurdles are allowed to move onto the next stepthe types of selection instruments and screening devices used are also not standardized across organizations 1Preliminary step initial applicant screening 2Selecting testing3Selection interview4Background investigationreference checking5Supervisory interviews and realistic job preview6Hiring decision7Candidate notification its easy to skip some steps in desperation to hire someone quickly in order to get the best talent you have to proceed through each stepGuidelines for Avoiding Legal Problemsselection criteria based on the jobadequate assessment of applicant abilitycareful scrutiny of applicantprovided informationwritten authority for reference checkingsave all records and information
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