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Human Resources Management
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HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

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Chapter 4 Designing and Analyzing JobsOrganizing work Organization structure refers to the relationships among jobs in the workplace Organization Charts oUsed to show the different structures oClarifies whos in command and who is accountable for whatoThere are three basic types of structures1Bureaucratic structure oA typical educational institution oTopdown management approachoMany levels and hierarchical communication channels and career pathsoHighly specialized jobs with narrowly defined job descriptionsoFocus on independent performance 2Flat structure oA typical retail organization oDecentralized management approachoFew levels and multidirectional communicationoBroadly defined jobs with general descriptionsoEmphasis on teams and on customer service3Boundaryless structure oAn alliance of three companies that pool their resources to produce a new product or to provide and innovative serviceoJoint ventures with customers suppliers andor competitors oEmphasis on teams whose members may cross organizational boundaries Job DesignJob Designprocess of organizing work into tasks required for a jobJobgroup of related activitiesduties for one or more employees Positioncollection of tasksresponsibilities performed by one personJob Design ConsiderationsIn behavioural considerations employees are starting to identify with the job employees also rotate jobsergonomics figuring out what is the human interaction Specialization and industrial engineering considerations the substitute of machine power for people emerged the correlation between 1 job specialization and 2 productivity and efficiency
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