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University of Waterloo
Human Resources Management
HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

Chapter 14 Occupational Health and SafetyStrategic Importance of Occupational Health and Safetyservices provided to employees shows importance of their well being to mgmtprevents injuries and deaths that detract from productivityBasic Facts about Occupational Health and Safety Legislationall provinces have legislation to protect health and safety of workers by minimizing work related accidents and illnesseslaws based on joint responsibility of workers and employers to keep hazardfree work environment and to enhance health and safety of workersOccupational Health and Safety LegislationThree categories of rulesoGeneral health and safetyoSpecific industryoSpecific hazardsregulations are complex cover almost every possible hazardlegislation varies across Canada but share common basic featuresResponsibilities and Rights of Employers and Employeesemployers omust provide due diligence to their employeesothat is take every reasonable precaution to ensure health and safety of employeesoincludes filing accident reports maintaining records enforcing safety rulesemployees otake reasonable care to protect themselves and coworkersoeg wearing proper equipment and reporting breaking of lawsrulesemployees have 3 basic rights under joint responsibility modeloright to know about workplace safety hazardsoright to participate in occupational health and safety processoright to refuse unsafe work if there is reasonable cause to believe work is dangerousreasonable cause means that complaint about workplace hazard has not been resolved to satisfactionif task would have negative affect on health or safety employee cannot be punished for refusal1 joint responsibility for health and safety2 due diligence responsibility employer3 right to refuse unsafe work employee Other Occupational Health and Safety Legislation Requirementsjoint health and safety committees
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