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University of Waterloo
Human Resources Management
HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

HRM 200Chapter 15 Managing Employee SeparationsManaging TurnoverTurnovertermination of an individuals employment with an orgVoluntary Turnoveremployee initiated termination of employment such as quits retirement or resignationInvoluntary Turnoveremployer initiated termination of employment such as dismissal or layoff Most turnover is due to downsizingrestructuring The personality characteristics of those who get laid off vs those who quit are opposite Cost of TurnoverSeparation Costsseparation interview administration separation or severance payVacancy Coststemporary workers overtimme loss of sales due to vacancyReplacement Costsrecruitinghiring replacementTraining Coststraining differential between employees exitingtheir replacementsVoluntary TurnoverUnanticipated challenges of replacing employee for the employersUnderstand which types of employees are likely to leavewhy will helps manageprevent dysfunctional or excessive turnover Voluntary job loss may due tolow organizational commitmentlow role claritylow tenurehigh role conflictlow overall job satisfaction Top 5 Reasons for voluntary turnover includessuboptimal hiring practicesdifficult managerial stylelack of recognitionlack of competitive compensation systemstoxic workplace environments Could include unexplained reasons known as Hobo PhenomenaQuitsoften based on workrelated factors competitive factors low organizational commitmentRetirementskilled workforce being replaced by unskilled workforcedifficult to predict when employees will retireRetirees on Callretirees on a parttime basisasneeded basis to cover labour shortagePhased Retirementpotential retirees gradually reduce theof hrs worked per week over timePreretirement Counsellingcovers benefits advice second careersso on
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