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Human Resources Management
HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

HRM 200Chapter 10Performance Management is the process encompassing all activities related to improving employee performance productivityeffectiveness IncludesGoal setting pay for performance trainingdevelopment career management displinary actionTHREE major purposes of PM1Aligns employee actions w strategic goals2a vehicle for culture change3provides input into other HR systems such as developmentremunerationStep 1Defining Performance ExpectationHelp employees to understand how their work makes a contribution to achieving business resultsTask Peformancedirect contribution to job related processesContextual Performanceindirect contibution to the organizations social responsibility values byimproving organizational socialpsychological behavioursLegal Considerationscorrelate performance expectations to job activitiesStep 2Providing Ongoing CoachingFeedbackImportant to have open twoway communicationemployee responsible for monitoring own performanceasking for helpmanager responsible for communicating changing strategiesobjectives if applicableEX PIPPerformance Improvement PlanStep 3Performance AppraisalEvaluation DiscussionFormal Appraisal MethodsGraphic Rating Scalescale that lists aof traitsa range of performance for each
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