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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Textbook Notes + Lecture Notes!

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International Studies
Brian Orend

Chapter 2September 18 2013545 PMChapter 2 PopulationDemographers predicts that most of the future population growth will be from the global southKey termstopicsThe richer you are the less children youll havePopulations peopleGrowthdeclineAntinatalistpronatalist baby bonus day care help The Problem with Peopletax breaks citizenship breaksToo fast high demand for kid services school and affordable housing job creationFast vs slow growingToo slow high demand for old people services health care and pension paymentsImmigrants vs refugeesMigrant workersDistributiondensityDifferent ways of dealing with the issueUrbanizationChina One child policyIndia no limitation on kidsPro Worked a bit under 1 growthDemocracy on individual rightsDocumentary love and sex in chinaLargest campaign on sex educationbirth controlCon abandonment of baby girlsFocus on young girls 610High abortion rateAlso seen as discriminatory against womenGender imbalance skewed demographicsIndividual rights corruptionbriberyImmigrantsUsually in developed countries nativeborn growth rate is actually slow or Pros of immigration diversity new ways of life new skills negative needs immigration to maintain economy and taxbaseCase Study French Ban on Muslim Head Scarvesand reinforcements of the workforcePassed in 2004 banning the wearing of any prominent and visible religious symbols while Top 10 immigrant receiving countriesattending public schoolsCons may have a hard time fitting in and acceptedUSATargeting Muslim minorityRussiaTraditional female modestyGermanyEurope hesitant on immigrationUkraineFears that Europe culture will diminishFranceChallenging the identities of some European countriesSaudi ArabiaCoherence of national culture vs multiculturalismCanadaIndiaBritainSpain with Australia nearly tied with SpainMigrant workersCitizenship and permanent home in one country but livers temporarily for work purposes in anotherMainly work in labourintensive jobs ones the locals dont want to doUsually involved in seasonal workCanadians dont want to do the labourPeaches and grapes picked by Mexico Caribbean African workersPaid next to nothing but better than their home countrySome legal vast majority illegalAuthority knows but lets it happenSome argue that the crackdown on illegal workers is damaging the economyEconomy of California would collapse without migrant workersRefugeesImmigrant vs RefugeesImmigrants leave country voluntarily usually for Population of ConcernCase Study Darfur Region of Sudaneco
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