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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Textbook Notes + Lecture Notes!

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International Studies
Brian Orend

Chapter 3October 2 2013655 PMChapter 3No political ideologyChapter 3 Comparative CultureHigh techglobal digital divideWorld religionsReligionTwo major conflictsInternational Biz CultureDefined as religio linking back of humanity to its origins eg GodIf time start chapter 4 Foreign policyImpact of Religion of CultureWay of LifeHistorically enormous impact onEthicsmoralsFoodmusicArtarchitectureLiteraturepop culturePoliticseconomicsTop 10 religious beliefs in the world based on number of adherentsChristianityIslamSecularismHinduismChinese folk religionBuddhismIndigenoustribal religionsJapanese ShintoismSikhismJudaismSee book for a map of their distributionCore DistinctionsReligious vs SecularSecular 10Religious 90Atheists no godsAgnostics no firm stand no motivated or interested in religious concernsSecular Humanists a code that refers not to the divine but only to humanity respecting universal human rightsCombined to make the third largest belief system in the worldAmericans more religious than CanadiansMostly in the west a lot in EUPoorer nations tends to be more religious than rich onesFormer Christian societies turning increasingly North less religious than the southsecularMonotheistic vs PolytheisticMonotheisticBelieve in one godStress a personal connection between god and his people certain expectationsThree largest Christianity Islam and Judaism all originated from the Middle EastCommon prophet Abraham a descendant of NoahAncestor related to each of Moses Jesus and Mohammed Judaism first recounted in the Hebrew Bible or Old TestamentChristianity second Christ son of God and the New testamentIslam third Mohammed lived about 600 years after Jesus diedDuring peace talk in the Middle East politicians tries to used cultural similarities to solve political differencesOne true God uniting us allPolytheistic Believe in many godsMore of an underlying cosmic order or force that is allpervasiveVery impersonal almost like gravityHinduism indigenous religions Chinese and Japanese religions Caribbean and subSaharan AfricaCollectively known as Dharmic or TaoisticRoute to security and serenity aligned with the very cosmosFolk vs NonFolk Religions INTST101 Page 1
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