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Management Sciences
MSCI 411
Shannon Hartling

ARBUS 204 - Communication Reading 2 Identities are shaped by larger forces than friends and family: age and place in history, sex, sexual orientation, physical ability or disability and cultural background. Language and identity shape the way we think and feel about ourselves.  Minority and majority languages  Superior languages  Evident in Canada’s diverse multicultural society (First Nations and Francophone Canadians) Culture values and norms also shape our identities. Individualism vs. Collectivism  Helping oneself vs. feeling loyalties and obligation to an in-group: a person’s extended family, community, or organization one works for  Self reliance and competition vs. attentive to group’s needs and opinions  Individualistic cultures: Canada, USA, Australia, and Britain  Collectivistic culture: Latin American and Asian cultures  Viewing themselves in terms of what they do vs. in terms of their membership in an in-group  Differences in how conflict is handled and tolerated (superstars, direct solution oriented approach vs. less direct, team players) Power Distance  Democratic societies accept equality as fundament
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