PACS 329 reading notes - feb 11

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Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 329
Judah Oudshoorn

Reading Notes – February 11 Class The body of the condemned March 2, 1757: Grotesque details regarding Damien’s (a condemned man) punishment for a crime he committed (amende honorable: burned, flesh peeled off, torn into quarters by horses). The punishment took place before the Church of Paris. He repeated “Pardon, Lord”, “Jesus help me” and “My God, have pity on me” during the painful process. 80 years later, Leon Faucher drew up his rules for the House of young prisoners in Paris: Art. 17. The prisoner’s day was 6am-5pm, working 9 hours a day. Art. 18. Rising - They must rise at the 1 drum roll, dress in silence, be dressed by the 2 drumnd rd roll & in a line up to go to chapel for morning prayer by the 3 . Art. 19. Prayer is conducted by a chaplain and followed by a religion reading – takes ½ hr max. Art. 20. Work – Wake up, wash hands/face, eat ration of bread, form work-teams and go to work Art. 21. Meal – at 10 they wash their hands and eat, after dinner they have recreation until 10:40 Art. 22. School – They take class for 2 hours – reading, writing, drawing and arithmetic Art. 23. They have 15 minutes of recreation and then return to work again Art. 24. Work until 4pm Then refectory, then supper/recreation, then works again, then they have a passage read to them by a supervisor and evening prayer, then they wash hands, undress, and get into bed. Today, there has been a change: the disappearance of torture as thpublic spectacle. This gloomy th festiva
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