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University of Waterloo
PLAN 100
Markus Moos

Immigration Arrival Reasons for Migration  Push and Pull factors  Social aspects of the migrant  Relationship between two countries Why Canada accepts immigrants  Support the economy  Family reunification  Uphold humanitarian commitments Temporary foreign worker  First brought to deal with labour shortages but are now a critical part of horticultural sector in Canada Settlement -This is the initial stages of immigration that follow the arrival of the immigrant or refugee. -It includes housing, employment, transportation, familiarizing oneself with local geography and locating necessary goods and services. -Cultural adaptation and language and climate adjustments are also made -"Suitable employment and housing are essential dimensions of settlement and greatly determine immigrants capacities to deal with other elements of the settlement process," (Bunting, 2010, p. 155). -Visible minorities often deal with issues of price and suitability for these houses -Immigrants deal with credential recognition (i.e. recognition of formal education or work experience from other countries) -In 2002, visible minorities made 23.2% less household income than non-visible minorities -Settlement Services have been created to support new immigrants, such as: -Hamilton has implemented the "Immigrant Workforce Integration Network" to integrate immigrants into jobs at their optimal skill level -Language programs (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) are being done at federal, provincial and local levels
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