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Textbook Notes for PLAN341 at University of Waterloo (UW)

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UWPLAN341Mike StoneWinter

PLAN341 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Stormwater, Green Roof, Loam

OC4147785 Page
Runoff and stormwater management in a changing landscape ch8 hydrological processes in urban systems. Rainfall and runoff processes vegetation and surf
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UWPLAN341Mike StoneWinter

PLAN341 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Walkerton E. Coli Outbreak, Urban Land, Capillary Fringe

OC4147785 Page
Groundwater, urban land use, & aquifer protection ch7 land dictates land use. Diagram; some rivers discharge into the ground, others start from dischar
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UWPLAN341Erin JoakimSpring

PLAN341 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Phototroph, Phytoplankton, Cellular Respiration

OC12413933 Page
Energy: the capacity to do work and is measured in calories. Calorie: the amount of heat necessary to raise on gram or one millilitre of water one degr
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