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University of Waterloo
Richard Ennis

4 October 2012 States of Consciousness Triggers to sleep mode:  REM:R APIDEYEM OVEMENT 1. Deprivation o More active at night, than 2. Routine during the day 3. Boring environment/lack of simulation o Pons Lights Up  Electrical and Sleep neurotransmitter  Physiological Rebuilding activity  Seen as mental timeout until 1952 o Brain isn't making sense of o Rapid eye Movement things  Lead to  Yet the behaviors, science/research of emotions and sleep sensations are present o Sleep is disconnect from o The only REM we remember as external environment dreams are the ones we have  Sight is first to go, then right before we make up hearing then other  Window to actively senses remember it is only a  Electrical activity begins to change few seconds o See Fig 5-2, and 5-3  Have to store the o Burst of electrical activity memory (stage 2) is in thalamus o Wake people up during REM o Various hormones released, period  E.g. Asetocholine  Most will be able to report dream Dreams o People who don't dream don't  Historically - Sleep was restoration for have last REM Period body (mind in 1952) o 1% -- decreasing with colour  The real function of sleep is a filler time T.V. -- dream in Black in white o Awake: engaged in survival  No idea why  Consumes energy  When day is done, shut down activity -- Theories about Dreams and why we consume less energy Dream  Disconnecting with this world, and  Large grazing animals sleep less than connecting with another smaller animals o Ex. Elephant vs. Groundhog o 2 Types of content:  H YPNOTIJERK  Manifest: Story Line o Twitches of body as person is  Latent: Hidden Meaning falling asleep o Lucid Dreaming  You haven’t entirely disconnected  Know you dreaming o Sensation of Falling  M YOCLONICKICK–Spasm of legs 4 October 2012  In terms of forming Spiritual Communication  Ancestral, religious, deceased people Schema/Neurological connections, we
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