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Stephanie Denison

The Science of Psychology Module 11 AnthropomorphismAct of treating objectsanimals like people PsychologyInvolves study of behavior that can include perceptions thoughts and emotionsPsychologists employ scientific methodScientific study of behavior thought and experienceExamines the individual as a product of multiple influences biological psychological and social factors Scientific MethodA way of learning about the world through collecting observationsProposing explanations for the observationsDeveloping theories to explain themUsing theories to make predictionsInvolves dynamic interaction between hypothesis testing and construction of theoriesOnce theory is tested hypotheses are either confirmed or rejected o ConfirmedNew and strengthen theories o RejectedRevised and retestedCan alter existing theory Scientific thinking and procedures revolve around concepts of hypothesis and theoryGuide the process and progress of sciences HypothesisTestable prediction ConfirmedRejected about processes that can be observed and measured PseudoscienceIdeas that are presented as science but do not actually apply basic principles of scientific thinking or procedure TheoryAn explanation for a broad range of observations that also generates new hypotheses and integrates numerous findings into a logical wholeNot the same thing as opinions or beliefsNot equally credibleMeasure of a good theory is not the number of people who believe it to be true Biopsychosocial ModelMeans of explaining behavior as product of biological psychological and sociocultural factorsBiological Genes brain anatomy function evolutionPsychological Behavior perception thought experienceSociocultural Interpersonal relationships families groups societies ethnicitiesScientific LiteracyThe ability to understand analyze and apply scientific informationFour different skills 1 Gathering knowledge about the world 2 Explaining it using scientific terms and concepts 3 Using critical thinking 4 Applying and using information
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