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Chris Burris

Week 1 Readings: Forensic psychology: a field of psychology that deals with all aspects of human behaviour as it relates to the law or legal system o Clinical psychologists (forensic): concerned with assessment and treatment of persons with mental disorders e.g. Schools, prisons, hospitals o Provide professional psychological expertise to the judicial system Psychologist interests include o Custody mediation, insanity pleads, expert testimony, stress debriefing, treatment programs Forensic psychiatry: a field of medicine that deals with all aspects of human behaviour as it relates to the legal field/ can prescribe medication Experimental forensic psychologists: concerned with mental health issues as they pertain to the legal system e.g. Effectiveness of risk assess. Factors influence jury, evaluating treatment; their training is different than the clinical forensics o Experimental forensic psychologists will have undergone Ph.D. level graduate training  Research requires expertise o Third role of a forensic psychologist is a legal system  Obtain PhD in psychology ad their LLB (not common) Three Primary ways in which psychology and the law can relate: 1. Psychology AND the law o Psychology is viewed as a seperate discipline/examine law with psychological perspective -> psychologist attempt to answer and communicate to legal communities 2. Psychology In the law o Involves the use of psychological knowledge in the legal system
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