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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Mood Disorders. Great text notes. You can use this to study for the midterm. Book: Abnormal Psychology

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University of Waterloo
Uzma Rehman

Mood Disorders chapter 7Outline Building blocks Eg Major Depressive Episode Manic Episode Hypomania episode DSMIV Criteria MDD Dysthymia Bipolar I Disorder Bipolar II Disorder Cyclothymiacs Etiology Treatment Major Depressive Episode Duration It lasts at least 2 weeks If this episode is not treated it usually takes up to six or nine monthsAge of Onset Subjects not in treatments 25 Subjects in treatments 29 The average on set is decreasing particularly in adolescent girls Symptoms 1 Depressed mood most of the day nearly everyday 2 Diminished interest or pleasure in all or almost all activities The inability to experience pleasure is called Anhedonia 3 Significant changes in appetite andor weight 4 Significant changes in sleep patterns 5 Psychomotor retardation or agitation 6 Fatigue or loss of energy 7 Feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt 8 Diminished ability to concentrate or make 9 Recent evidence suggest physical changes that strongly suggest a full major depression episode Often called somatic or vegetativeExample For the last month or so I just havent had any energy Most of the time its just too much of a struggle even to get out of bed I never leave the apartment any more theres no point I never have fun even when Im hanging out with my friends Oh and I realized a couple days ago that I havent been eating much Im just not hungry ever All I do is just sleep all day because I cant even read or watch TVMajor Depression Structure Affective sadness unhappiness apathy brooding Cognitive pessimism guilt decreased concentration interest and motivation suicidal thoughts Behavioral low energy lack of selfcare crying psychomotor retardation and agitation Physiological appetite and sleep change loss of sex driveClinical descriptions1 Single Episode There has never been a Manic Episode or a Hypomania Episode Single Episodes are very rare 2 Recurrent two major depressive disorders occur and are separated by at least two months during which the individual was not depressed There has never been a Manic Episode or a Hypomania Episode Recurrent usually have a family history of depression unlike single 3 Dysthymic Disorder persistent depressed mood 4 Double Depression individuals who experience both Major Depression EpisodeDysthymic disorderManiac EpisodeDefinition Abnormally exaggerated joy euphoria or elation Duration 1 week only if the patient didnt require instant hospitalization If not treated then it lasts 2 to 6 monthsSymptoms 1 Extreme pleasure in activitiesEg compare daily activities to sexual orgasms 2 Hyperactive and little sleep 3Develop grandiose plans believe they can accomplish anything Inflated selfesteem 4 Speech becomes rapid and incoherent due to an attempt to express many exciting ideas all at once This is called flight of ideas 5 Irritability usually at the end 6 Anxious or depressed 7 Distractible Mania Structure Affective elation grandiosity and irritability
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