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PSYCH 261 - Week 11 Textbook Notes (Module 14.3)

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University of Waterloo
Daniel Smilek

PSYCH 261Physiological PsychologyModule 143 Conscious and Unconscious Processes and AttentionMindBrain Problem What is the relationship between the mind and the brainDualism the mind and body are different kinds of substances that exist independently of each other o Conflicts with law of conservation of energyMonism the belief that the universe consists of only one kind of substance o Materialism everything that exists is material or physical o Mentalism only the mind really exists and the physical world could not exist unless the mind were aware of it o Identity position mental processes and certain kinds of brain processes are the same thing but described in different termsSays the mind is brain activityBrain activity doesnt cause consciousness any more than consciousness causes brain activityResearchers adopt monism as the most reasonable working hypothesisEasy Problem what is the difference between wakefulness and sleep What brain activity occurs during consciousnessHard Problem why does consciousness existBrain Activity Associated with ConsciousnessOne of the main problems in research is that we cant observe consciousnessConscious awareness of a stimulus applies to cooperative individuals only o For individuals that cannot speak this definition doesnt applyFlash suppression is a technique that is used to
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