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John Holmes

[ CHAPTER ONE ] – PSYCHOLOGY IS ALIVE AND WELL (AND DOING FINE AMONG THE SCIENCES) The Freud Problem  Freud + pop “psychologists” (i.e. Dr. Phil) presented in media largely defines psych in public mind - greatly affected general public’s conceptions and contributed to many misunderstandings  Modern psych NOT obsessed nor largely defined by ideas of Freud  For a theory to be scientific, link btwn theory & beh’al data must meet some min. req’mts - Freud’s theories dN The Diversity of Modern Psychology  Understanding tht psych is composed of incredibly wide & diverse set of investigations is critical to appreciation Implications of Diversity  Psych is diverse (TF) no 1 grand theory to unify & explain all aspects of human beh’ Unity in Science  Only 2 things tht justify psych as (i) discipline: 1) studies full range of human & nonhuman beh’ w/ ™’s of sci 2) applications tht derive from this knowledge are sci-based  Psych diff in attempts to give public 2 guarantees: 1) conclusions abt beh’ tht it produces derive from sci evidence 2) practical applications of psych derived from & tested by sci methods  Defining f/ of psych: data-based sci study of beh’  If evo’n bio (w/ its long & impressive record of sci achievements) still engenders public opposition, is it any wonder tht psych (most recent discipline to bring long held beliefs abt humans under sci scrutiny) currently provokes ppl to deny its validity? What, Then, Is Science?  To understand what psych is, must 1 understand tht sci is not defined by: - subject matter - use of particular expmt apparatus  Sci defined by: 1) use of systematic empiricism 2) production of public knowledge 3) examination of solvable problems Systematic Empiricism  Empiricism = practice of relying on obsv’n  Termed systematic b/c sci obsv’n structured so tht results of obsv’n reveal sth abt underlying nature of world  Sci obsv’n usually theory driven - structured so tht, depending on outcome of obsv’n, some theories su
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