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John Holmes

[ CHAPTER SEVEN ] – “BUT IT’S NOT REAL LIFE!”: THE “ARTIFICIALITY” CRITICISM AND PSYCHOLOGY Why Natural Isn’t Always Necessary  Scientists deliberately set up conditions unlike many inherently corr’d variables tht dtrmn events in world - in many instances, manipulations cannot be accomplished in natural env’, (TF) bring phenomenon into lab where more precise ctrl possible  Instances impossible to see/discover otherwise i.e. physicists & atom breaking machine = new particles  Restriction to real-life situations prevents discoveries i.e. biofeedback tm’s: ability to partially ctrl int. physio. processes if they could monitor via visual/auditory feedback - humans not equipped daily for such feedback The Random Assignment vs Random Sample Distinction  Random sampling = how subjects are chosen (randomly) to be part of study; not req’mt for all research; when necessary (for i.e. election polling, survey research), refers to drawing smaple from pop’n in manner tht ensures each member of pop’n has equal chance of being chosen (*investigation can be corr’l / true expmt)  Most psych research dN employ RS b/c not necessary as convenience sample will suffice Theory-Driven Research vs Direct Applications  Most theory-driven research seeks to test theories of psychological processes rather than to generalize findings to particular real-world situation 
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