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Chapter 3

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Ernie Mac Kinnon

CHAPTER THREECLINICAL TEACHING CLINICAL TEACHINGWhat is Clinical TeachingGoal tailor learning exps for unique needs of indvdl studentBy using info gathered t evaln of student along w analysis of students specific learning characteristics clinical teacher designs plan of instruction for tht studentAssessment and instruction are contous and interwoven and modd as new needs become apparentFive stages of clinical teaching cycle are 1assessmentprocess of gathering evidence abt students skillsknowledge administered t testintegral part of instruction2planning of teaching taskassessment info used to plan instruction 3implementation of teaching planinvolves actual teaching 4evaln of student performanceteacher evals how well student has responded to teaching 5 modn of assessmentif necessaryQualities of Clinical Teaching Clinical Teaching Requires Flexibility and Continual Decision MakingBasal readersequential and interrelated set of books and supportive material intended ot provide basic material for dvlpmt of fundamental reading skills predominantly used by classroomsminimizing teachers need to make decisionsClinical teachers should not rely solely on reading textbook to meet needs of indvdl studentClinical Teaching Focuses on the Needs of a Unique Student Rather Than a Large Group of StudentsBest method for teaching class may not be best method for teaching indvdl students w unique behs and learning needsClinical Teaching Can Be Accomplished in a Variety of SettingsWhat is important is teachers ability to integrate feedback info and be ready to make decisionsTeachers should be sensitive to indvdl students learning style interests shortcomings strengths levels of dvlpmt and personal feelings DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION TO MEET LEARNING DIFFERENCES Levine 2002 one of the biggest mistakes we make in teaching is to treat everyone equally when it comesto learning Differentiated instruction reflects philosophy of teaching tht enables teachers to reach unique needs of each student capitalizing on their swMultiple intelligencesview of learning tht reflects theory tht ppl possess diff kinds of intelligences notrepd in school curriculumHoward Gardner suggests at least 8 diff types of intelligence iverballinguistic v bodilykinaesthetic ii logicalmathematical viinterpersonal iiivisualspatial vii intrapersonal ivmusicalrhythmicviii naturalistic No magical formula for teaching a child4 approaches to differentiated instruction1psychological processing2cognitive strategies for learning 3direct instruction and mastery learning 4psychotherapeutic teaching
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