Rec 100: Chapter 20 Textbook Notes

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 100
Diana Parry

Chapter 20 Leisure and Disability Introduction  12% of the population has some sort of disability Social Construction  Word Health Organization (WHO)’s descriptions of impairment, disability, and handicap as distinct concepts help us understand how social conditions affect people’s perceptions and experiences of disability  Social construction – explains how knowledge is created and assumed to be true  The lack of opportunities historically afforded to people with disabilities was because of the way “disability” was socially constructed Historical Understandings of Disability  Devaluation – process of demoting someone to low social status based on having a significant characteristic which is not valued by society o ex. adults with Down syndrome might be seen as an external child  the images of people with disabilities that originated during this period saw these people as incapable, worthless, vegetable-like, sexual deviants, and even dangerous and unable or undeserving of leisure opportunities  leisure counselling – aimed at helping people cope with their disability and gain skills and awareness to return to the community  institutionalization – reinforced a belief that people with similar labels firstly had the same needs and that those needs were best addressed in large congregated settings like institutions  employment was mostly training in the form of sheltered workshops, where recreation activities were offered at lunch time or after work  special Olympics programs began first in the US and then in Canada to demonstrate that people with disabilities had the right to recreation opportunities in the community  Clienthood – implies that people with disabilities are dependent on an array of human services, professionals, and volunteers for most of their support  Unconsciously, new negative images of people with disabilities as “clients “ and “special” were being created by many services that were designed to make life better for people Why People with Disabilities Needed Even Better Lives and How this Began to Happen  Social justice is a vision of society wh
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