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Chapter 1&2

Rec 100: Chapter 1 & 2 Textbook Notes

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
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REC 100
Diana Parry

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Rec 100 Notes Chapter 1: Defining Leisure  In ancient Greece there were clear distinctions between work, recreation, and leisure o Work: a means to provide for life’s needs o Recreation: rest from work o Leisure: the noblest pursuit in life  Augustine, a theologian and bishop, noted that there were 3 types of life: o A life of leisure o A life of action o A combined life of action and leisure  The classical view of leisure: emphasizes “contemplation, enjoyment of self in search of knowledge, debate, politics, and cultural enlightenment”  The leisure as activity view: non-work activity in which people engage during their free time – apart from obligations of work, family, and society  In Roman society, otium (leisure) began to be for negotium’s (work’s) sake  The classical view of leisure was gradually forgotten and work became the noblest activity, and leisure took the form of activity/recreation to re-create oneself to go back to work o Result: work was given greater value and non-work activities were seen as important to create a sound body and mind o Ex. work is like writing with a pencil; when it gets dull, we sharpen it (leisure)  Dumazedier says “leisure is activity – apart from the obligations of work, family, and society – to which the individual turns at will, for relation, diversion, or broadening his knowledge and his spontaneous social participation, the free exercise of his creative capacity”  Dumazedier believed leisure had 3 functions: 1. Relaxation 2. Entertainment 3. Development of personality  Serious leisure: the systematic pursuit of...an activity that participants find so substantial and interesting that...they launch themselves on a career centered on acquiring and expressing its special skills, knowledge, and experience” o 3 types of serious leisure: amateurs, hobbyists, and volunteers o Developed by Robert Stebbins  The qualities of serious leisure are: o The need to persevere in the activity o Finding a career of achievement or involvement in the activity o Making a significant personal effort in the activity o Obtaining long-lasting tangible or intangible benefits or rewards through the activity o Strong identification with the chosen activity o A unique ethos or social world of the participants who engage in the activity  Casual leisure: an immediately, intrinsically rewarding, relatively short-lived pleasurable activity requiring little or no special training to enjoy it o include/involve play, relaxation, passive or active entertainment, conversation, sensory stimulation, or casual volunteering o central characteristic: pleasure Leisure as Free Time  that portion of time which remains when time for work and basic requirements for existence have been satisfied o quantitative perspective  life may be divided into: o existence: taking care of biological needs such as sleeping and eating o subsistence: work o leisure: discretionary or non-obligated time  when leisure is viewed as free time, the amount of leisure a person has depends on factors such as how long a person lives, when a person retires, the length of a person’s work week, whether a person has a full-time job or a p
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