Rec 100: Chapter 6 Textbook Notes

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 100
Diana Parry

Chapter 6 Leisure Lifestyles Discretionary Time Commitment  Discretionary time commitment – non-coerced allocation of time that a person devotes, or would like to devote, to carrying out an activity o ex. individual setting personal time commitments by establishing which hours of the day will be devoted to specific activities (playing the piano, training for a sport, etc.) o agreeable obligations; determination o find expression in leisure and the agreeable sides of work  disagreeable obligations – forced on individuals by others or by circumstances o coerced time commitments  these commitments varies across its 3 forms: serious, casual, and project-based leisure Serious Leisure  serious leisure – the systematic pursuit of an amateur, hobbyist, or volunteer activity that participants find so substantial, interesting, and fulfilling that they typically launch themselves on a career centred on acquiring and expressing its special skills, knowledge, and experience o “serious” – sincerity, importance, earnestness  Amateurs – activity constitutes a livelihood for its professionals but not its amateurs o Ex. acting, hockey, stand-up comedy, etc. o Found in art, science, sport, and entertainment o Pursue activities part-time (unlike professionals that work full-time)  Hobbyists – lack a professional alter ego (they are unique; no professionals of what they do) o All amateurs were hobbyists before their fields professionalized o Classified according to 5 categories: 1. Collectors 2. Makers and tinkerers (fixing watches, building furniture) 3. Activity participants (non-competitive, rule-based activities – fishing) 4. Players of sports and games (long-distance running, competitive swimming) a. Competitive, rule-based activities with no professional counterparts 5. The enthusiasts of the liberal arts hobbies (prodigious reading pursuits)  Amateurs and hobbyists drawn to leisure pursuits more by self-interest than by altruism  Volunteers – uncoerced help offered either formally or informally with (at most) token pay and done for the benefit of other people (beyond the volunteer’s family) and the volunteer o Engage in activities that are a blend of amateurs and hobbyists o Absence of moral coercion to do the volunteer activity  Serious leisure is defined by 6 distinctive qualities that are found uniformly among its amateurs, hobbyists, and volunteers 1. Occasional need to persevere a. Ex. musicians must practice a lot to master difficult musical passages b. the deepest fulfillment sometimes comes at the end of the activity rather than during it (sticking with it even through adversity) 2. opportunity to follow a (leisure) career in the endeavour a. ex. achieve high levels of showmanship, athletic prowess, scientific knowledge, or accumulate formative experiences in a volunteer role 3. numerous durable benefits, or tangible, salutary outcomes a. self-actualization, self-enrichment, self-expression, regeneration or renewal of self, feelings of accomplishment, enhancement of self-image, social interaction or sense of belonging, and lasting physical products of the activity 4. self-gratification, or pure fun 5. unique ethos that emerges in connection with each expression of it a. spirit of the community of serious leisure participants b. shared attitudes, practices, values, beliefs, goals, etc. c. each social world is associated with a set of special norms, values, beliefs, styles, moral principles, performance standards, and similar shared representations
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