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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 100
Diana Parry

The Value and Meaning of Creative Leisure  From the creative leisure perspective, the tangible utility isn’t what is most valued o The value of the art we sell, the product we develop, the song we write/perform, or even the math problem we solve for the first time, lies within the personal experience  Characteristics of creative leisure: o Perceived freedom o Intrinsic motivation/desire (creates for the sake of creating)  It is the expression of ourselves to others; defines who we are o often more than we can express/create in a job Defining Leisure and Creativity  concept of leisure is defined in 3 ways: 1. as time 2. as recreation 3. as a psychological state  peak leisure experience = when the participant has a high sense of perceived freedom and intrinsic motivation  creativity = the interaction among aptitude, process, and environment by which an individual or group produces a perceptible product that is both novel and useful as defined within a social context o important terms: novelty and utility  utility = product or outcome is usefully applied to a context Self-Actualized Creativity  self-actualized creativity is done for the sake of being creative, regardless of the domain, and many times regardless of the product o self-actualized creativity has a product that is less tangible, despite the fact that it may produce and often does produce a tangible product  the key production of self-actualized creativity may be self-expression and even happiness  an act of creative leisure may be deemed creative by a social group, another person, or a field or entire domain, but if it is not considered creative leisure by the creator, it is not creative leisure! o Creative leisure is tied directly to the judgement of the individual  Self-actualized creativity only represents part of creative leisure (not the whole thing)  Self-expression emerges when creativity is done for its own sake  When one merges creativity and leisure, one moves toward evaluating how an individual experiences self-expression, happiness, and joy o Creative leisure could represent a peak experience in both leisure and creativity o One experiences a high sense of freedom, intrinsic motivation and reward, one expresses the self to self, and this is done for the sake of doing it Creativity and Self-Expression  Individual self-expression may be related to ego strength Leisure and Self-Expression  Dumazedier pro
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