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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 280
Stephen Smith

CHAPTER 12 – CHALLENGES AND THE FUTURE  Tourism is like snowfall o During blizzard periods, it produces overcrowded streets, hour-long waits in restaurants, overbooked hotels and flights. o During high seasons, crowds are friendly, business is constant but workable, o Off-peak period, tourists are not inconveniencing the residents, slow period o Low season period, prices are lower, top attractions are easier to get into. o Also, just like snowflakes, no two tourists are alike. o Snowfall is affected by external factors just like tourism (politics, weather, other environmental issues, and disease) Societal changes that impact tourism  Before relied on celebrity status to advertise destinations – now not influential  More desire to get out and explore due to YouTube etc.  Gen Y members are willing to leave their jobs for an extended period of time to include distant destinations.  Some boomers – now referred to as zoomers – want to keep busy  Easy to book, plentiful advertising – led to impulse buying or trip deals that are just too good to turn down. Ethics and tourism  Laws against false commercial claims and laws that protect travelers from bankruptcy  Bait and switch – marketing deception where a company advertises a deeply discounted low price but only sets aside a few seats for this price  Tourism worker is the only link between the product and the tourist  Code of ethics needs to be instilled in employees from the beginning Issues causing concern in the sector  CTC addressed 8 key tourism issues: 1. Transportation – slowly deteriorating o Quality of highways, roads etc is diminishing, and upgrading is slow o Air Canada – only Canadian airline due to deregulation o Tacked on surcharges (baggage fees) making air travel expensive o Impacted by rising oil prices has forced all modes of transportation to increase $ o Investment into the Maglev (high speed train) not considered 2. Roles of parks, historic sites and crown lands o Conflict of interest arises when Parks Canada attempts to balance the need for better tourist accessibility while trying to preserve land for future generations. 3. The evolving role of Canada customs and immigration – 2 million border crossings between US and Canada o NEXUS 9 new drivers ID) being accepted o Europe decreases border control while we increase it 4. The tax issue – visitors pay GST on tourism “export”, although GST is not levied on Canadian exports and tourism is technically an export. o Tourists now can keep receipts and can get rebate at the border o Scares away tourists if too high and reduced tourism revenues. 5. Training of tourism workers – quality of service is most important feature that consumers look for when purchasing a product. o One of the biggest problems faced by tourism sector
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