REC 280: Midterm #3 Textbook Notes

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 280
Stephen Smith

CHAPTER 7 AttractionsNAICS bundles 3 activities into one group called entertainment o Attractions permanent sitesfacilities that are always available to tourists o Events created by a destination to attract specific target markets at specific times o Adventure tourismoutdoor recreation for tourists that want to be physically activeAttractions can be further subdivided o Natural attractions o Cultural attractions o Attractions that entertainCriteria for attractions o Determining the sustainability of the attraction how many people can you bring o Identifying the target markets o Determining visitor flow patterns o Training of workers and management of the facilityCULTURAL ATTRACTIONS PUBLIC AND NONPROFITGovernments own and operate public attractionsTaxes are often the prime source of funding but due to government cutbacks other methods to raise funds were introduced entrance fees parking fees souvenir sales food sales etcNonprofit attractions any revenue they earn is funnelled back into the attractionIt is sometimes hard to distinguish between a public and nonprofit attractionMuseumsMuseum a building that displays a wide assortment of memorabilia ranging from artwork and historical or scientific items to agricultural tools or cartoons o most have a permanent area on the property that displays the exhibit at all timesUsually sponsored by government or nonprofit organizationsHas a director various assistants and volunteers o NOTE Volunteer often outnumber paid staff o Director responsible for searching for new displays scheduling travelling shows obtaining permanent displays for the museum and completing paperwork o Board of directors responsible for hiring and guiding the director 1 Art galleriesmuseums were once places where people of sophisticated tastes gathered to express their opinions about the works of a particular artistArt museum an institution that exhibits a variety of artwork o Ex sculpture oils watercolours carving o Young artists get their start by displaying their work in smaller galleries o Artists may autograph a limited number of prints during a showing giving tourists and locals alike an opportunity to rub elbows with the artist o Reach more people using open houses social hours small eventsHistorical museum a museum depicting some historical event or place o More likely than art or scientific museums to be in small communities o Present relics along with a written explanation of the pieces o Struggle to maintain an uncluttered look as they receive more and more items that donors expect to see displayedLiving history museum a museum in which people act the parts of historical characters o Popular among all age groups o Both fun and educational o Provide jobs to local people and bring tourist dollars into the areaModern museums replaced the old do not touch mentality with displays that can be touchedVideo presentations and interactive computers are replacing expensive museum interpreters o Overall purpose provide a balance of real life and simulated experienceCanadian museum needs better signage to the parking lotsScientific museum a museum centred on some study of science o Ex from disease to dinosaur bones to space ships o Tends to show a process ex the extinction of dinosaursRoyal British Columbia Museumone of Canadas most respected museums o Blends both science and artMany scientific museums are sitespecific they are located where the scientific event took place o Childrens museum allows young children to experiment with various scientific discoveries ex Science CentreVisitors learn while having funNOTE museums are becoming more family orientedIn the offseason museums become classrooms 2
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