REC 280: Midterm #1 Textbook Notes

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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 280
Stephen Smith

CHAPTER 1 Understanding TourismThe Canadian Tourism Product An OverviewTourism is a sector a part or division of a national economyTourism products are integrally connected 1 product does not flourish by itself but needs other different components to sell itBuchanan Report paper that reviews the tourism industry states o Tourism has the ability to create more jobs at a faster pace than any other industry in Canada o The dollars created by the industry benefited all levels of government 40 revenues o Tourism employed more females young adults visible minorities people reentering the workforce and new immigrants than any other industry in Canada o The quality of jobs created by the industry ranged from entry level to highly paid execs o The value of tourism was vastly underrated and misunderstood by governmentpublicTo ensure continued growth of the tourism industry the CTC and CTHRC were establishedTourism sector was made up of 8 interlocking subsectors o Transportation o Events o Accommodations o Adventure tourismoutdoor recreation o Foodbeverage o Travel services o Attractions o Tourism servicesTransportationProvides visitors with a way to get to a destinationSkills developed in 1 area of transportation are easily transferred to anotherIndustries Airlines railroads cruise lines tour bus companies car rental companiesJobs pilot reservation agent cruise director car rental agent customer service agentAccommodationsProvides travellers with a place to sleep ex HotelsJobs frontdesk clerk hotel manager valet camp counsellor groundskeeper housekeeper 1FoodBeverageLARGEST tourism sectorEx Fullservice restaurants fast food bars food services in airportsarenasJobs wine steward chef baker bartender nightclub manager catering manager waiterAttractionsEntertains and educates visitorsAttractions are permanentthey can be visited at any time of the yearEx Niagara Falls museums theatres casinos water parks gardens zoosJobs travel guide casino dealer attraction facility guide amusement park supervisorEventsEducate and entertain visitors but are available only for a short period of timeEx Festivals conferences sporting events conventions meetingsJobs program specialist registration supervisor catering coordinator exhibit designerAdventure TourismOutdoor Recreation ATORProvides handson physical activities for visitorsGrowth of this component is based on the desire to stay fit and healthy through exerciseEcotourism travel that is intended to support the study of earths biodiversityJobs local tour guide ski lift operator park warden lifeguard recreation director Travel ServicesPeople that sell tourismEx Create packages for flights hotel reservations and attractionsJobs reservation agent tour guide sales representative tour planner travel agency ownerTourism ServicesProvides support services for the tourism sectorEx Federal provincial and municipal governments the media manufacturersJobs accountants researchers reporterswriters photographers customs officials2
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