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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 280
Jasveen Rattan

 Transportation: 1. Size of Firms: 1-9 2. Sex: Male 3. Work Patterns: Full Time, AY 4. Age: 45+ 5. Place of Birth: Native-Born 6. Equity Groups: Visible Minorities 7. School: N/A 8. Education: Trade  Barriers to Growth of Nation: Shield, Muskeg, Tundra, Vast Forests, Western Cordillera, Thin Population  Early Transportation Strategies: - Railroad: Creation of National Parks, Railroad hotels built - Federal government awarded monopolies or created oligopolies railroads, then airlines  Airline: - Precursor of Canada Airlines: Canadian Transcontinental Airway - National Transportation Act is passed in 1966, revised in 1987  Deregulation: - Eased entry for new carriers: Insurance, Certified aircraft and pilots, 75% Canadian ownership - Existing restrictions eased - Fares and levels of service regulations eliminated in southern Canada; Some kept in Northern Canada - Led to hub-and-spoke networks initially, but declining somewhat due t
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