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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 280
Tom Griffin

Chapter  11   Tourism  service  divided  into  5  components,  each  handling  different  tourism  need:   • Government  agencies   • Tourism  associations  and  organizations   • Marketing  services   • Research  and  consulting   • Miscellaneous  services   Government  Agencies:   • Industry  Canada:  overall  well  being  of  tourism,  economic  development,   research  and  industry  investment   • Parks  Canada:  national  museums,  parks,  heritage  sites,  heritage  canal   systems,  and  heritage  river  systems   • Canada  Border  Service  Agency  (CBSA):  check  people  at  border  for   documents,  illegal  goods,  enforce  tariffs  and  taxation  laws   • Foreign  Affairs  and  International  trade  Canada:  provide  foreign  visitors   w/  visas  and  Canadian  passports   • Transport  Canada:  development  and  security  of  transportation  systems   • Canadian  Heritage  (CH):  cultural/heritage  events,  non  professional  sports     • Crown  corporations:  Canadian  Tourism  Commission  (CTC);  market  Canada   to  world  as  tourism  destination     o Also  have  National  Capital  Commission  (NCC):  oversee  development   of  Canada’s  capital  region  (Ottawa)   Provincial  Governments  and  Tourism   • All  provinces  hoping  to  engage/encourage:   o Promote  travel  opportunities  and  increase  number  of  visitors  to   the  province:  set  up  booths  @  trade  fairs     o Encourage  the  development  of  tourism  sector  through  market   research  and  planning:  use  strategic  planning  to  develop  sustainable   tourism  with  market  base     § Each  province  working  to  differentiate  itself  from  neighboring   provinces   o Work  with  provinces  tourism  sector  to  continually  improve  the   product:  superhost,  alberta  best,  and  first  host  is  a  course  on  how  to   deal  with  customers   § Create  infomercials  to  educate  residents  on  value  of  tourism  as   revenue  generator   o Produce  literature  that  promotes  the  six  front-­‐line  components   of  the  sector:  feb-­‐april  imp  time  to  advertise  provinces  specialties     § Advertising  focuses  on  market  close  to  province   § Tapping  into  unique  culture,  history  and  beauty   § Have  own  tourism  webpages,  toll  free  number  to  help  plan   o Liaise  with  federal  and  municipal  ministries:  many  tourism  events   require  participation  from  all  levels  of  governments   Municipal  Governments  and  Tourism  Associations   § Municipal  goven.  similar  to  provincial     § Some  cities  have  separate  accommodation  tax  to  increase  revenues  that  are   set  aside  for  regional  marketing   § Chambers  of  Commerce  and  CVB  (convention  and  visitors  bureau):  recognize   financial  impact  tourism  has  for  its  members  and  involved  in  all  aspects  of   tourism   o Work  w/  cityà  promote  local  eventsà  attract  visitors   o Advertise  in  newspapers  and  magazines,  etc     o Fundamental  mission  of  CV  is  enhance  economic  stability  of   community  by  soliciting  and  servicing  conventions  and  other  types  of   events  that  generate  overnight  stays   § Also  promote  vacation  travel  to  area   § Liaison  between  potential  visitors  and  business  that  will  host   them     § Catalyst  for  urban  development  and  renewal   § Create  favorable  image  of  community  for  tour  and  meeting   planners,  which  increase  tourism  volume  and  profits   § Run  on  membership  fees;  and  offer  members  co-­‐op  advertising   programs  and  trade  shows   § Can  also  promote  tours  via  familiarization  tours  –  show  off  city  charms  and   suitability  for  conventions     o Free  to  prospective  client  and  sponsored  by  city  businesses   § Site  inspection:  held  for  single  prospective  client    @  clients  expense     § FAM  tour  solicits  business  from  associations  that  have  not  yet  considered   site,  and  site  inspection  provides  fine  details  that  have  narrowed  choice  to   two  or  three  locations   § After  marketing  techniques  and  association  or  client  want  to  do  businessà   big  presentation  made  by  CVB  who  needs  to  understand  all  clients  needs  and   desires     § Convention  Services:  CVB  not  designed  to  perform  actual  convention  set  up   but  can  help  out   o Often  will  provide  tourism  information  desk  in  order  to  increase   visitor  enjoyment  and  max  spending  while  guests  are  in  area   Tourism  Information  Centers:     § Provide  visitors  w/  first  impression  of  province,  region  or  town   o Located  along  major  highways  and  border  crossings;  provide  general   information  on  province  as  a  whole   o Information  centers  across  Canada  identified  by  question  mark   symbol     o Open  in  summer  so  jobs  filled  by  students     o PAGE  270?-­‐cant  read  it.   Tourism  Associations  and  Organizations:     § 2  categories:  organizations  that  focus  on  market  and  those  that  focus  on   advocacy  or  lobbying   § CVBm  and  Canada  ski  council=  marketing  oriented  organization   § Lobbying  organizations  more  concerned  with  welfare  of  tourism  sector  as   whole  or  w/  success  of  specific  industry  such  as  accommodations  and  F&B   o Examples:  tourism  industry  association  of  Canada,  hotel  association  of   Canada,  associated  of  Canadian  travel  agents,  Canadian  restaurant  and   food  service  association,  Canadian  culinary  federation,  Canadian   association  of  food  service  professionals,  aboriginal  tourism  Canada,   meeting  professionals  international,  and  association  of  tourism   professionals   Put  on  seminars,  sp
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