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Social Development Studies
SDS 353R
Geoff Malleck

CHILDREN’S RIGHTS IN CANADA: A QUESTION OF COMMITMENT [ ONE ] INTRODUCTION: A QUESTION OF COMMITMENT R. BRIAN HOWE  Effort tht gov’ takes to overcome obstacles and to achieve results is a measure of its commitment  Commitment in ascending order of strength: 1.) symbolic commitment—gov’ support for particular course of action is at low level 2.) wavering commitment—gov’ authorities are ambivalent abt course of action 3.) expanding commitment—gov’s initial commitment is shallow/wavering but i↑’s over time 4.) deep commitment—gov’ authorities maintain high level of commitment to a course of action and demonstrate tht commitment in strong & sustained action to achieve results on all fronts and in dtrmn’d efforts to overcome challenges THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CONVENTION  1989: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) approved by UN General Assembly - 3 Ps: 1) rights of provision (of health care, edu, eco welfare) 2) rights of protection (from abuse, neglect, vio’, exploitation) 3) rights of participation (a voice in decisions affecting the child) - 3 guiding principles: 1) non-discrimination, where children are to be protected from all forms 2) best interests of the child (in all actions is 1 consideration) 3) participation, where children have right to be heard and their views given weight in accord w/ their age and maturity - legally binding int’l law  192 countries have agreed to recognize and affirm this new conception - (TF) however they attempt to justify failures, cannot deny their official support - country reports every 5 years (plus shadow reports from child advocacy org’ns) and UN agencies issues report back with recommendations for improvements where needed (not legally obligated to act)  Tht there is ongoing gap btwn principle and practice dN rule out importance of the principle  Children—defined as all young persons < 18—deserve respect and support
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