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Social Development Studies
SDS 353R
Geoff Malleck

CHILDREN’S RIGHTS IN CANADA: A QUESTION OF COMMITMENT [ TWO ] – CHILD POVERTY: THE EVOLUTION AND IMPACT OF CHILD BENEFITS KEN BATTLE INTRODUCTION: FAMILY POLICY AT CROSSROADS?  -ve side: cuts to soc assistance benefits, shrinkage of EI coverage, and low minimum wages  +ve side: range of efforts to combat child poverty and better meet basic needs t/ improvements in 3 main pillars of CDN family policy—child benefits, child care, and parental leave NO MAGIC BULLETS  Overall, no LT reduction of child poverty rates (BUT, would be higher if not for child benefits)  15.7% (1 child in 6) in CAN in poverty CHILD BENEFITS IN CANADA  1998: National Child Benefit (NCB) Core Objectives  Child benefits = cash payments on behalf of children delivered in form of cheques or income tax reductions  Historically pursued: - antipoverty objective—CB seek to help fill gap btw
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