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University of Waterloo
Social Work (Social Development Studies)
Joel Majonis

SOCWK 120R: Article Summaries Nature of Social Work: Werner W. Boehm Underlying Assumptions  Socwk has problem solving functions  Socwk has a scientific and value foundations  Assumes some of the socialization and control functions of society  Takes values held by those in society (not always)  Scientific base includes: tested, hypothetical and practise wisdom  Knowledge that’s needed is determined by goals, functions and the problem  Socwker must internalize knowledge as they are an instrument in the process  Skill is expressed in the activities of a social worker Values of Social Work  Ea. Person… has the right to self-fulfilment  …has an obligation to seek self-fulfilment and contribute to the greater good of society  Society has a obligation to facilitate and support self-fulfilment of members  Satisfy basic needs (physical, psych, econ, cultural, aesthetic and spiritual)  Right of individual to promote social change when social resources to not meet their needs  Must provide devices and quality in the welfare system to permit self-rehabilitation and contribution to society Functions of Social Work  Restoration: identify, control or eliminate factors contributing to social problem o Rehabilitation: recognize and rebuild o Curative: eliminate factors  Provision of Resources: creation, enrichment, improvement and better coordination of social resources o Developmental: further the effectiveness of social resources o Educational: inform public of conditions and needs for new or changed social resource  Prevention: early discovery, control and elimination of conditions or situations o Prevention with interaction between individuals and groups o Prevention of social ills Activities of Social Work  Assessing the problem o Determine if its in the area of social interaction o Locate problem in interactional pattern  Planning solution for the problem o Choosing method o Choosing appropriate resources or service o Predicting outcome  Implementing the plan  Evaluating the outcome The Common Base of Social Work Practise: Harriett M. Bartlett Task  There are situations which present problems to groups of people and must be dealt with by them in some way (first social work)  Crisis model (mental health field)  Tasks refers to the social phenomenon not techniques  Task: a way of describing the demands made upon people by various life situations  Task focuses on common problems (rather than unique) moving social work toward an area of central concern Coping  How people deal with tasks  Socwk to do with problems and problem solving focus on those who have difficulty solving their problems (coping)  Poor environments cause people to become overwhelmed and have poor coping skills Social Functioning  People experience social tasks due to pressures from their social environment o Environmental demands o People coping  Consequences of people interacting with their environment  Adequate coping, balance in
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