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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

Sociological Theory 02102013 33800 PM WHY THEORYAntonio Gramsci everyone is a social theory o Uses intellect to explain societyCWright Mills connect personal problems with larger societal forcesBINARY THINKINGUse of eitheror propositionsBorn unto social class but still have choiceSocial theory focuses in preexisting structureORGIN OF GLOBALIZATIONAnthony Giddens term juggernautKarl Marx old ways destroyed before modern capitalism can be introduced to asia BIRTH OF SOCIOLOGY IN THE AGE OF REVOLUTIONAguste Comte coined the term sociology o Tried to establish religion of humanity he was pope o Social thinking passes through 3 stages laws 1 Assumption of world governed by gods 2 Nature replaced belief of gods 3 Application of science to understand social world Povitism assumes there is something to discoverHerbert Spencersociety is a struggle for existence Karl Marx sought to discover laws of modern capitalismCLASSICAL SOCIOLOGYMax Weber people act according to what they intend and believe o Subjective perspective needed Comtesociety stays the same over time but is constantly changingFunctionalism if something exists over time it performs necessary function that is important for social reproduction Marxchange world not understand it CONFLICT THEORISTS weber ritzero Change comes from conflict Classical theorist o mile Durkheim functionalistFocused on institutions what people build togetherSimple societies held together by religious celebrations and gift giving collective effervescencePeople dont live by single code of right and wrong ANOMIE no collective consciousJean Baulliaud modern individualism paradoxically expressed by rights of mass consumptionOrganic solidarity everyone in society plays part in maintaining social lifeMust learn to perform consecutivelySuicide dependent on strength or weakness of individuals connection with societyo Karl Marx conflict theoryTheory explains societys evolutionDistinguish between tradition and modernismrise of capitalismSerfslower classaristocraciesupper classReligion pacifies workersOpium of the people to dull the pain of opressionAlienation separate from somethingProletariat exploited by capitalists POWER AND RESISTANCEEveryone has power and the ability to resistBody is the site of control and resistance Michael Foucault people learn to regulate themselvesWEB Du Bois and the veil of racism o First black sociologist tho 20 century fundamental problemcolour lineMax Weber o Studied individualism in capitalist context o Formal rationality calculating efficient means to obtain goal o Authority occurs when societies follow existing customsCharismatic leaders influence Dies with leader or turns into traditionTraditional royal family o Disenchantment science eroding mystery and supernatural beliefs o Rise of European capitalismconsequence of protestant reformationo Facts open to objective analysis o Values are subjective o Verstehen need to understand someone subjectively Pierre Bourdieu o How people acquire powercontrol o Cultural capital educationknowledge o Social capital connections to employ powerRitzero McDonaldization techniques of production that become models for others MICROSOCIOLOGYHow individuals perceive social worldSees society from bottomupIntersubjectivity how people orient behaviour to what others thinkOriginated in ChicagoCharles Cooley individuals develop consciousness of their selfWI Thomaspeople entering situations have different points of viewsMead better socialized we are the better we are able to stand in others shoes and see the world from their point of view o Multiple personality is a sense of normalErving Goffman Role playingFEMINIST SOCIOLOGYOnly a woman can understand a womans role Women more successful at acquiring rights than equality Maternal feminism women are superior to men by natureNellie McClung combined maternal feminism with politicsMarx key to liberation is integration into productive work with men o Friedrich Engels Studied rise of male dominanceWomens position of powermothersPatriatchy male dominance Marianne Weber liberal feminismo Seek to equalize men and women in economic structure Dorthy Smith
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