SOC101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Equal Pay For Equal Work, Gender Role, Essentialism

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26 Jul 2016
Chapter 9 – Gender and Sexuality
Anatomical or biological characteristics of men and women
Male or female
Roles and characteristics assigned to each sex by society
Gender role
Set of expectations concerning behaviour that relate to being male or female
Assigned at birth based on a person’s biological sex
Gender role socialization
Patterns not consistent; vary according to social class to which person
oUpper/middle class families are most likely to support egalitarian
gender relations
Gender self-image
oAffected by ideals expressed in the media
Feminist Social Theories
Feminist liberalism
oArgues that women as a group deserve the same rights as men
oPay equity
Securing maternity benefits for working women
Western, middle class, heterosexual, educated women
Fails to address minorities
Feminist Essentialism
Differences between the way men and women think
Argues for equality (even female superiority) existing in that difference
oInmate characteristics (material thinking) should be positively valued
Generalized with western constructs
Confuses women’s coping mechanisms under patriarchy with natural
Feminist socialism
Looks at intersection of oppression between class and gender
Different struggles and resources available to women in different classes
Ignored factors like race, sexuality, etc
Feminist post modernism
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