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SOC 207
Janice Aurini

SOC 207 Textbook Notes Chapter 5: The Structural Transformation of Schooling  Streaming; 1. Schools have accommodated to more types of students by diversifying their offerings and expanding the range of programs, courses and services 2. Segments of education are becoming more competitive 3. The crosscutting pressures are altering forms of stratification in Canadian education (inclusion vs contest)  Streaming consists of splitting students into ability groups (upper for post- secondary and lower for vocational)  There has been a trend that those from poorer families have medium to weaker outcomes in post-secondary or jobs while wealthier students have better outcomes  Turner characterized nations in how they structured educational competition  The European model, offered “sponsored mobility” in which relatively few were selected early in their lives to enter an elite stream leading to university  North America was “contest mobility” in which the bulk of the youth grouped in the same school and exposed them to the same curriculum with larger numbers moving into higher education  Higher education is stratified into two dimensions: selectively of institution and field of study  Certain institutions such as Yale and Harvard have higher reputations and allow those who attend an advantage in jobs and internationally  Different fields offer varying experiences and life prospects  Two mandates 1. Pervasive understanding of the economic utility of schooling  School is a social mechanism fuelling the productive capacity of the national economy under the banner of the knowledge economy 2. Robust notion of educational equity  Schooling has become a right rather than an opportunity  Critics saw the mass idea to schooling as the “one best system model”  This stated that authorities adapted to modern conditions by one size fits all  Schools became more vertical by offering courses to the needs and wants of students  It became more horizontal by offering courses based on student choice ex. Extra-curricular, ESL  Maximally maintained inequality, when access to one level of education becomes universal, privileged groups pursue the next level  Effectively maintained inequality; privileged groups migrate to more advantageous, selective or prestigious segments of any level of education  C
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