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SOC 223
Robert Prus

Experiencing Disinvolvement Thursday, April 4, 2013 1:28 PM Lawrence Guy Brown (1931): wrote an article in the education "Drug addiction is a socially enquired process" and people who become drug addicts become drug addicts the same way other people become doctors or nurses Its a social definition; they define things- what some people think is a bad habit, its not Once you start hanging around people who smoke, you will start smoking as well The same things that enable you to become a smoker, enable you to become a drug addict etc  If it is bad or good, they will not just have that in common but other things as well  Ex. Alcoholics just dont drink together but they also talk about say, the Leaf games etc  Family members might not like this, dont want them part of the family  Once you realize this, you get past the deviant mystique You have to understand the relationship people have with others Subcultures are very important; how people learn habits Readings of Chapter 13: Very little research deals with the disinvolvement of people from these activities Because it is harder to find those people When people get disinvolved, they are getting disinvolved from relationships, activities, and everything to do with that life-world Sometimes, it wasnt the person's idea but the spouses or friends They also could stay involved in some ways, maybe you arent consuming drugs but you are still friends with those people A lot of ambiguity because people dont know how people will look at them Disinvolvement looks different for every person; because everyone doesnt seem things the same Research either focuses on the disinvolvement process or the enactment in deviance Disinvolvement
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