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SOC 223
Robert Prus

Studying Deviance Thursday, April 4, 2013 12:38 PM Readings for Chapter 14: Central distinctions have been made between people Defining, condemning or attempting to control deviance Doing things that might have been construed as deviant in some way Becoming caught up in the intrigues approaching deviance Approaching deviance in a more scholarly fashion Transcending the Deviant Mystique Deviance does not exist apart from people's moral judgment Deviance is a social essence and is as multifaceted as any other aspect of community life All people's behaviors are comprehensible only in terms of the communities in which the participants live, and think and act It is essential that social scientists appreciate that people's notions of "what is" and "what is not" deviant change within communities It is essential that analytics do not get caught up in the intrigues with deviance because they may loose focus on what they are trying to research They must also examine all aspect of deviance; need to be open to do anything at anytime, anywhere Ethnographers become closer contact with the people who life-worlds they are studying Commonly fac
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