APSC 160 Chapter 5: DAQ and Strings

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University of British Columbia
Applied Science
APSC 160
Jonatan Schroeder

APSC 160 Mar 3 Mar 3 DAQ (Data Acquisition) or Hardware Module - Sensors, user input or devices to get data acquisition - Processing; c programming or spreadsheets Hardware Module: two-part arm; sensors, toggle switches and display DAQ Functions Library Functions: setupDAQ() and continueSuperLoop() : used for initialization control of the flow of the program o Setup is like fopen, continue is like fscanf digitalRead() and digitalWrite() o Used for IO to read from a digital input or write to a digital output device (reads only 0 FALSE or 1 TRUE) o Digitalread is like fscanf, digitalwrite is like fprintf #include If( setupDAQ(setupNum) == TRUE) testing to see if the DAQ is working // Else Printf(“error”); Super loop Int continueSuperLoop(void); - Function tells us if the user wants to continue or quit program While( continrueSuperLoop() == TRUE ){ //stuff } Continue to loop until program is stoped, like fscanf in files which continues as long as there numbers to be scanned DigitalRead#define SWITCH 0 Int switch_status Switch_status = digitalRead(SWITCH) Turn on LED #define ON 1 digitalWrite(LED,ON) 7 Segment Displays Using binary and demical 1111111 and 0000000, decimal 0 to 255 - Each number is a byte, 8 bits - Writing LEDs DisplayWrite Void DisplayWrite( int data, int position) Data: value determines which segment of the byte to turn on or off, range of 0 to 255 Position: which LED to turn on, right most is 0 position increasing to 7 to the left - Use arrays to store values static in digits[] = {} - Look up table o Digits[n] find the digit n Controlling Timing - Perform certain activities at specific time intervals, like a traffic light - Sleep( ) suspend
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