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Asian Studies
ASIA 100
Robban Toleno

Trautmann 131Wednesday September 10 2014259 PMThe civilization of India5000 years Civilization quality way of lifeAll civilizations have fuzzy boundaries are unevenly spread and lumpy and continually mingle with and draw on other civilizationsThree attributes of civilzationA patterned set of beliefs values rules of behavior that are distinctive Social system that is complex with a certain degree of social ranking and privileged and unprivileged classesPertains to a large geographical area Indians are not a race and they are neither homogeneous nor distinctive Three major family languagesall descend from SanskritIndoAryanDravidian before the arrival of Sanskrit speakersMunda before the arrival of Sanskrit speakersOne other feature tracks the linguistic boundaries approximately but not exactly kinship and the rules of marriageThe political map today is divided into seven nationstates occupying the territory of India in the civilizational senseThe republic of IndiaPakistanBangladeshSri lankaNepalBhutan Buddhist majoritiesThe MaldivesIndias ancient past was brought into relation to the pasts of other ancient societiesThe contents of ancient Sanskrit literature were read in a new way making a distinction between what was regarded as myth and what was regarded as historyHomeland of two world religions Buddhism which spread East and Hinduism which spread to parts of Southeast AsiaBrief chronologyThe beginnings of Indian civilization 2500 BCThe Vedic age 1400 BC New religions and empires 500 BCThe classical age 320 CETurks and Mughals 1200 CEBritish rule 1760 CEThe formation of nationstates 1947 CEIndia means river Agricultures tend to focus on the coasts and to be more limited in the interior because of the monsoon rains The rain season is the main agricultural
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