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BIOL 111
Lynn Norman

Shahab ZareyanBiology PreReading 318092011Page 8186The Green House EffectGlobal Warming is the progressive increase of Earths average TemperaturePresence of carbon dioxide major source in the atmosphere leads to a phenomenon called the green house effectCarbon dioxide works like blankets In the absence of excess green house gases water vapour and carbon dioxide work together to keep the temperature on earth hospitable Water Heat and Temperature Heat is the total amount of energy associated with the movement of atoms and molecules in a substance Temperature is the measure of the intensity of the heat how fast molecules are movingWater has a high heatabsorbing capacity breaking and reforming hydrogen bonds doesnt change its temperature The Flow of Carbon Carbon cycles back and forth between living organisms the atmosphere bodies of water and soil Fossil Fuels are the buried remains of the ancient plants and microorganisms that have been transformed by heat and pressure into coal oil and natural gas Dead plant that are buried before they decompose can produce fossil fuels Most fossil fuels come from Carboniferous Period
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