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BIOL 111
Catherine Ortner

Life in the Deepest 3 SummaryCommentary Jayde Jessome 24042137 In 2010 Glud et al began conducting a study to compare the metabolisms of organisms that live within the hadal zone the deepest part of the ocean which can be anywhere from 6000 to 11000 meters deepto organisms that live in shallower areas of about 6000 meters or less The scientists also set out to compare whether the extreme hydrostatic pressure at the deepest part of the oceanknown as the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trenchhinders the mineralization process of sedimented organic material Glud Wenzhfer Middelboe Oguri Turnewitsch CanfieldKitazato 2013Water in an oceans hadal zone is characterized by extremely high levels of hydrostatic pressure This high pressure along with the scarcity of food sources at such depths means that only certain types of organisms are able to live in the hadal zone These organisms are specially equipped to live amongst the high hydrostatic pressure They generally receive their food source from phytodetrital pulses and carrion falls Glud Wenzhfer Middelboe Oguri Turnewitsch CanfieldKitazato 2013 p 284 which are able to sink rather quickly The extreme pressure at hadal depths not only makes it difficult for marine life to inhabit this area it also hinders the ability of oceanographers to collect and analyze samples from the hadal zone in order to expand the body of knowledge regarding the organisms that are able to survive thereThe research method used in this study was largely dependent on gathering data in situ so as to preserve the accuracy of measurements Doing so meant that the team of scientists had to adapt an O 2microprofiling instrument so that it would be capable of taking measurements while underwater and engulfed in high levels of hydrostatic pressure The microprofiles were used to determine rates of diffusional O uptake DOU which further allowed for the study of sediment respiration in the hadal 2zone of the ocean This
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