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Chapter 4

Textbook Notes on Chapter 4

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BIOL 112
Karen Smith

Chapter 4 Notes41 What is a Nucleic Acid Nucleic Acidspolymers made of nucleotides instead of amino acid monomers like proteinsNucleotides consist of three parts 1 A sugar organic compound with a carboxylgroup and several OH groups Two kinds of sugars Ribose OH on 2Deoxyribose H on 22 A nitrogenous base attached at 1 of sugar Pyrimidines Cytosine Uracil Thymine Purines Guanine Adenine 3 Phosphate group attached at 4 of sugar Polymerizationnucleic acids form when nucleotides polymerize Phosphodiester linkage rxnsbond between phosphate groupof one nucleotide and the hydroxyl group on the sugar of another nucleotideIf the sugar is riboseRNA deoxyribose always 53 Process needs energy free energy of nucleotide monomers add 2 phosphate groups to ribonucleotides or deoxynucleotidestriphosphatesphosphorylatedAdding of 1 phosphatesincrease PE of substrate moleculeendergonic rxn 42 DNA Structure and FunctionSugar phosphate backbone created by phosphodiester linkages 4 nitrogenous bases extending outDouble helix du
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