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Chapter 17

Textbook Notes on Chapter 17

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BIOL 112
Karen Smith

Chapter 17 Notes Control of Gene RegulationBacteria 171 Gene Regulation and Information Flow DNAmRNAProteinActivated Protein 1 Transcriptional Control DNAX mRNA Slowest Most effectiveno use of energy 2 Translational Control mRNAX protein 3 Posttranslational Control proteinXactivated protein Fastest lots of energy neededConstitutively all the time referring to genes that are transcribed all the time172 Identifying the Genes Involved in Lactose Metabolism LacI regulatory protein to allow a set of genes to be transcribed3 genes lacZlazYlacA code for three proteins LacZLacYLacA lacZ codes for LacZa betaglactosidase this enzyme cleaves lactose into glucose and glactose lacY codes for LacY a permease that transports lactose across the cell membrane lacA codes for LacA transacetylase LacA is not involed in lactose untilization function unknown 173 Mechanisms of Negative Control Discovery of the Repressornegative control regulatory protein binds to DNA upstream the promoter and shuts down transcription it must be taken away for transcription to occur lacI generepressor as it exerts negative control over lacZ and lacY to inhibit transcription The lac OperonOperon a region of prokaryotic DNA that codes for serious of functionally related genes and is transcribed from a single promoter into a pol
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