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Cardiovascular Physiology - Notes 2 (cont) .docx

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University of British Columbia
BIOL 153
Paul Hewitt

Key terms and relationships pertaining to blood circulationHydrostatic pressureThe pressure exerted by a liquid in response to and applied forceBlood pressure BPThe hydrostatic pressure in the arterial system that pushes the blood through capillary bedsCirculatory pressureThe pressure difference between the root of the ascending aorta and the entrance of the right atriumBlood flow FVolume of blood flowing per unit time through a vessel or group of vesselsResistanceA force that opposes movement in this case blood flowPeripheral res PRThe resistance of the arterial system affected by such factors as vascular resistance viscosity and turbulenceTotal periph resThe resistance of the entire cardiovascular systemTurbulenceA resistance due to the irregular swirling movement of a fluid in this case blood at high flow rates or exposure to irregular surfacesViscosityA resistance to flow due to interactions between molecules of a liquidVascular resistanceA resistance due to friction within a blood vessel primarily between the blood and the wall of the vesselThis increases with increasing length or decreasing diameter Vessel length generally does not change but diameter doesVenous pressureThe hydrostatic pressure in the venous systemRelationships among these termsFP Flow is proportional to the pressure gradientF1RFlow is inversely proportional to the resistanceFPRAbove two terms combined
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