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Textbook Notes for Lianne Chen

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UBCBIOL 200Lianne ChenFall

BIOL 200 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Nuclear Membrane, Nuclear Pore, Inner Membrane

OC2549013 Page
15 Dec 2015
Inner and outer membrane separated by perinuclear membrane. Outer membrane is connected to er (therefore so is perinuclear space. Cytoplasmic (outer) m
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UBCBIOL 200Lianne ChenFall

BIOL 200 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Rna-Seq, Genetic Code, Transfer Rna

OC25490110 Page
15 Dec 2015
Topic 1 nuclear function - rna transcription: compare and contrast eukaryotic and prokaryotic transcription and translation, including tem image interp
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UBCBIOL 200Lianne ChenWinter

BIO 200 UNIT 1 .docx

OC721122 Page
15 Jul 2014
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