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Intro to Cell Biology: Cells and their properties | Microscopy (including electron microscopy)

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University of British Columbia
BIOL 200

Cell Biology Week 1 Cell and Molecular Biology Todays Topics Introduction to the Study of Cell and Molecular BiologyAnnouncements Sept 15Quiz No 1 Sept 18Lab Week 1 HomeworkKarp pp 113 1520 Lecture TopicIntroduction The Discovery of CellsBasic Properties of CellsA Comparison of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic CellsCell Specialization Pathways of cell differentiationThe Sizes of Cells and Their Components Summary IntroductionCell and molecular biology is reductionistKnowledge of the parts of the whole can explain the character of the wholeCells are the machinery of the living system11THE DISCOVERY OF CELLSMicroscopeAn instrument that produces a magnified image made from light or an electron beam that is transmitted through a specimenRobert Hooke Compound doublelens microscope Discovery of cells by looking at cork w a microscopeAnton von LeeuwenhoekBiconvex singlelens microscopeTo observe bacteria and other microorganismsThe Three Tenets of Cell Theory18391855All organisms are composed of one or more cellsThe cell is the structural unit of lifeCells can arise only by division from a preexisting cell12BASIC PROPERTIES OF CELLSIntroductionLife is the most basic property of cellsCells are the smallest units to exhibit this property of lifeCell culture in laboratoryCells grown in vitro ie In culture outside the bodyiCells Are Highly Complex and OrganizedComplexityorder and consistencyOrganizationatomssmallsized moleculesgiant polymerscomplexessubcellular organellescellstissuesiiCells Possess a Genetic Program and the Means to Use It 1
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