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Biology 336 - Pre-tutorial Assignment #2

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BIOL 336
Greg Bole

Pre-TutorialAssignment #2 BIOL 336 Section 202 Cassandra Chan 60463080 January 18 , 2013 1. No, because the population genetics definition of evolution is the change in allele frequencies observed in a population over generations.An individual alone cannot undergo “evolution” under this definition. 2. “The Hardy-Weinberg theorem is a null model of evolution.” This phrase means that the H-W theorem is a model that predicts what expected allele frequencies should be when a population is not undergoing evolution (i.e. no evolutionary mechanisms are occuring). 3. Assumption of the H-W model Evolutionary mechanism Population infinitely large Drift All genotypes equally likely to survive and Selection reproduce No alleles enter or leave population via migration Gene flow No mutations Mutation 4. Evolution can occur if one or more of these assumptions are not met. 5. “Random mating” is mating between individuals in a population with respect to the alleles at their genetic locus of interest.
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