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University of British Columbia
CHEM 121
Derek Gates

June 23 08 PETRUCCIs General Chemistry 8 Electrons in Atoms The model of atomic structure is described throuiii quantum theory features like quantum numbers and electron orbitals 81 Electromagnetic Radiation Electromagnetic radiation is a fonn of energy transmission in which electric and magnetic fields are propagated as waves through a vacuum or through a material medium that transmits energythrough a vacuum or a material medium A wave is a disturbance Electromagnetic radiation do not require a material medium for its transmission It could happen through a vacuum Features of a electromagnetic waves amplitude the maximum height of the wave above the center line or the maximum depth below wavelength the distance between the tops of two successive crests or the bottoms of two troughs designated by the Greek letter lambda A frequency the number of crests or troughs that pass through a given point per unit of time designated by tI1e Greek letter nu v speed of light dconstantspeed of 2997925 x 10 ms in a vacuum and Wavele1th of Electrom etic Radiation cvxJ The electromagnetic spectrum illustrates that the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation is shorter for high frequencies and longer for low frequencies constructive interference the addition of waves that are in phase upon meeting troughs and crests are in step
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