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General Chemistry Introductory Chapter Summary.pdf

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University of British Columbia
CHEM 121
Derek Gates

i experiments i generate predictions i organize and theories hypothesis general principles Chemists learn about chemical properties by performing experiments How Chemistry Advances is anything that posesses mass and occupies space Matter Chemistry is the science that studies the properties and interactions of matter of nature observations Science In the broadest sense can be viewed as an attempt to organize and understand our I I WHAT IS CHEMISTRY same time emphasizing quantitative reasoning in chemistryThe principles of modern chemistry are organized around the molecular nature of matter while at the be described using a small set of chemical principles different molecules That said this could The complexity of our world arises from the unlimited number of ways that atoms can combine to form Is Molecular Matter Chapter l The Science of Chemistry EMPHASIS ON PROBLEM SOLVING facilitates successful quantitative reasoning Chemists work quantitatively just as frequently as they think molecularly The molecular approach The general theme of this textbook is Think molecules Chemists explain the behavior of matter by describing how atoms and molecules behave and interact Matter is composed of atoms and molecules THE MOLECULAR PERSPECTIVE INFORMING QUANTITATIVE REASONING CHEMISTRY Preface July 22 2007
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