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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Ionic Compounds.pdf

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CHEM 121
Mark Mac Lachlan

Chapter 3Ionic Compounds Representative Chemistry of the sBlock Elements Ionic Compounds Lattice Energy LELattice Energy energy required to convert 1 mole of a crystalline solid into its constituent ions in the gas phase and at infinite separation measured in kJmolfor an ion pair the energy of electrostatic attraction between M and A is given by where separation between the nuclei of the ionsalkali metals and alkaline earth metals lose their valence electrons to form cations in ionic 2compounds always M for alkali metals and M for alkaline earth metals Discussion Questions a Rationalize the relative lattice energies of LiF 1030 kJmol LiCl 834 kJmol and LiBr 788 kJmolatomic radius increases from F to Cl to Br so the separation between nuclei becomes larger b Rationalize the relative lattices energies of LiF NaF 910 k
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