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Pre-Lab 5 Electrophilic Nitration and Bromination.docx

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Electrophilic Nitration and Bromination Jun 6 2012 TABLE 1HAZARDS TABLE OF REAGENTS Chemical NameMolecularPhysical Appearancebp Molecular WeightDensityHazards Structural Formulamp SolubilityAmounts To Be Used Benzoic Acid C6H5COOH Solid MW 12212 gmol Eye GI tract respiratory tract irritant skin bp2492 C Vapor Density 421 irritant and permeator mp1224 C SolubilityOil and H2O soluble Amounts Used 10 g Acetanilide CH3CONHC6H5 Solid MW13516 gmol Eye skin GI tract respiratory tract irritant bp304 C Vapor Density 465 mp1143 C SolubilityVery slightly soluble in cold H2O Amounts Used 10 gSulfuric acid H2SO4 Clear colorless to yellow MW9807 gmol Causes eye and skin digestive and liquid Vapor Density 338 air1 respiratory tract burnsbp290338 C SolubilitySoluble w much heat mp10 C Amounts Used 10 mL 15 mLplus 10 mL nitric acid Nitric acid HNO3 Nonflammable MW6301 gmol Skin contact corrosive irritant Colorless to light yellow Vapor Density 25 air1 permeator of eye contact irritant liquid SolubilityEasily soluble in cold corrosive of ingestion respiratory bp 121 C water hot water Soluble in sensitizer mp416 C diethyl ether Amounts Used1 mL plus 15mL of sulfuric acid Sodium bromate NaBrO3 Solid MW15089 gmol Eye GI tract respiratory tract irritant skin mpDecomposes 381 C Amounts Used043 g irritant and permeatorHBr 48by mass Clear colorless liquid MW8091 gmol Skin contact corrosive irritant permeator Nonflammable Soluble in cold water Eye contact corrosive irritant Respiratory Cheryl Lee100191898
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